Since 1710, L’Orfèvrerie d’Anjou has sublimated pewter… Worldwide leader in luxury Champagne buckets made of shiny pewter, OA Collections proposes its timeless collections.

The origins

Since antiquity, pewter has fascinated ... Homer reported that the Greek heroes’ armors were forged in the purest pewter in order to reflect the sunlight and blind the assailants. France’s Sun King, Louis XIV, also supported the development of pewter: to finance his conquests, he ordered the melting of gold and silver wares. Pewter naturally replaced them on Europe's finest tables.

Inherited skills

Nowadays, the pewter craftsmen are the guardians of secular skills. The exceptional quality of this raw material and the place left to creativity have kept seducing the best craftsmen. For instance, L’Orfèvrerie d’Anjou can be proud to have the best French turner of its ranks.

The art of creation

Designs, exclusive colors …since 1710, innovation has been at the heart of the process of creation. A unique method to color pewter, patented by L’Orfèvrerie d’Anjou, leaves the field open to designers’ multiple interpretations. Therefore, Eric Berthes, graduated from Ecole Boulle and First Prize at the Salon de la Decoration, has created a unique and audacious collection with an eternal elegance. Combining traditional and contemporary inspirations, the OA Collections' Champagne buckets and tasting accessories are real objects of desire ...

Exalt your identity

Hotel trade, catering, wine waiting professionals… OA Collections creates exclusive models which perfectly fit into your facility. Fully customizable, the tableware, tasting accessories and champagne buckets sublimate your identity. Wedding lists, birthday presents, retirements, corporate events… Give unique and personalized gifts that you, your friends and your family will enjoy


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